Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Everest Speaker Gary Guller travels to Birmingham, Alabama to keynote Diversity Conference.

The Many Faces of Diversity!

Mt. Everest Summiteer Gary Guller and his professional team is now pleased to offer a one-day workshop designed to educate and inspire your leadership team to value diversity as a critical success factor in achieving results.

This one-day workshop will build on Guller’s historic success on Mt. Everest and his continued success in advocacy for the potential of all people. To learn more about Gary’s extraordinary story of leading the largest, most diverse team of people with disabilities to reach the remote Mt. Everest Base Camp and then becoming the first person with one arm to summit the world’s highest peak, please take a look in at his web site at http://www.garyguller.com/.

One of the most important skills in the new century is the ability to manage and deliver services in ways that match the diversity of your customers. Is your company ready to do that? Success will depend on having a diverse workforce and maximizing the full contribution and productivity of every person in the organization. A diverse workforce built on leadership, teamwork and effective communications is essential to your business success.

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