Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Everest Speakers: Gary Guller and the Marathon des Sables

Marathon des Sables (MDS) 2010April 2-12, 2010:
Entry by Gary Guller September 12, 2009:
Marathon des Sables Training Commences for Gary Guller: 43 years of age, weight 212 lbs or 86.3kgs (180lbs or 81.8kgs is the goal prior to race start)
Training Backpack (Nathan 63) weight: 15lb or 6.8kgs (approximate backpack weight at race start 25lbs or 11.36kgs). Still on the fence regarding this particular model backpack, may or may not be the one for me. I have to test everything as not to expel extra energy (with one arm) unnecessarily.
Okay, we are officially on some sort of schedule now. After a couple of Heineken "lights" (argghhh) - last night (only 2) and a bunch of rained out US open tennis - I put on the pack this morning and ran for 70 minutes. I feel great, and for the rest of September I will concentrate not so much on speed or distance, but increasing my time. Old fashion training, moving forward and upward and in the heat.
Thanks so much to everyone for the support thus far. Clif Bar for their nice supply of energy bars, gels etc. Oakley for my snazzy new glasses, Newton and the wonderful team at Multisports. Thank you.
Of course, thanks to all the corporations, non profits, executives and organisations that request me as their keynote speaker. And thanks to Jt Clough (9x ironman finisher) for patiently training with me. Jt is a runner and I am more the cldyesdale type - so yes, she slows it way down.
A little Gary Guller history:
Gary Guller summits Mt. Everest (worlds highest mountain) in 2003 Gary Guller and his successful Team Everest '03 expedition were featured in over 250+ newspaper and magazine articles, numerous TV reports with national and international coverage. Gary led the largest cross-disability group to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp at 17,500 feet, before setting another record, becoming the first person with one arm to summit the highest mountain in the world!Gary Guller summits Mt. Cho Oyu (world's sixth highest mountain) in 200425 October - Summit Photos: Thanks so much for your patience and support throughout our extremely successful expedition to Cho Oyu. In total, we had 14 members on this truly international Team. I'm pleased to confirm that out of the 14 folks on the team, 10 summitted, 3 climbed to the Yellow Band and 1 very special person, supported us all the way to Base Camp.
As always, Thank you. Til the next time...G

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