Thursday, October 7, 2010

Overcoming Obstacles (Gary Guller): Everest Speakers

In 2003 Gary became the first person with one arm to summit Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the World. From one hour presentations to a full day of inspiration, this is a story and presentation that can only come from Gary Guller. His unique life experiences as well as personal accounts of struggle and achievement will inspire others to look deep within themselves to achieve their goals and accomplish more in life. Gary's compelling presentation is supplemented with powerful images that truly inspire others to reach for their dreams.

Gary lost the majority of his left arm in a 1986 mountaineering accident. He came face to face with his own limitations, both physically and mentally. After serious introspection, Gary began climbing again, surmounting the barriers that stood in the way of realizing his dreams to explore. Ever since, he has inspired others to continue onward and upward on their journey through life.
Gary's friendly and down to earth speaking style reaches into the souls of his audience as he tells how his experiences have shaped his philosophy of Anything is Possible. He encourages others to look deep within themselves, motivating them to set goals to maximize their true potential, placing fear and doubts aside and pushing through the barriers to success in life.

Gary Guller is comfortable performing in a private setting with 50 executives, or on-stage for an audience of five thousand - Gary is a true professional, experienced speaker and tailors his presentations to connect with audiences of all sizes. Gary feels honored to share his life with others. This is a presentation experience that will always be remembered.

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